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Accident Investigations Training Workshop


Accident Investigations Training Workshop

Accidents Investigations WorkshopWe offer a very important course that any workplace should consider as a valuable tool in their day to day operations, Accident Investigations Training. Accident Investigation Training will provide information on how and when to investigate accidents, property damage, incidents, near misses and it will also touch on employee concerns for health and safety issues in the workplace.

Like most of our unique tailored courses we offer the course customized for people who have trouble with reading and writing, which reduces the training time in half but does not reduce the content or the abilities learned.
We present a very practical approach emphasising on how to investigate a workplace accident and or incident. We teach your employees how to conduct the investigation to find the root cause in an effort to be able to make the correct recommendations to prevent this accident/incident from occurring again or even from new ones occurring.

Course Content:

What is an accident?

  • Accidents vs. Incidents
  • Direct and indirect costs of workplace accidents
  • When is an Accident Investigation required?
  • Who does the investigations (other specifics of your Accident Investigation Procedure)
  • Gather information
  • Basic/Root Causes
  • Immediate Causes
  • Corrective recommendations/actions
  • Case study, a history workshop
  • Case history and report writing
  • Complete an Accident/Incident Investigation report according to your procedures
  • Train the trainer is also available!

An investigation is always required after an accident or incident; this is the only process that will uncover any hazards that can be eliminated in the future so no similar events can occur. Upon completion of this course your selected workers will be able to arrive on a scene and know what to do first. Being prepared with the right policies and procedures and knowing how to implement them. What to do first, give medical care, deal with the immediate risk, secure the area, collect evidence, interview fellow workers/witnesses, conduct an investigation and find the root cause for prevention in the future. Lastly, proper reporting and follow-up. 


Three (3) Hours

Who should attend?

All Managers, Supervisors, and JHSC Members involved in Accident Investigations.

Onsite Accident Investigation Training Locations:
We train right across the United States in such cities as Buffallalo, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, New York City, and many more areas.




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