Fall Arrest Training | Scissor lift Certification
Fall Arrest Training | Scissor lift Certification


Fall Arrest Training (Preventing Falls In The Workplace)


Fall Arrest Prevention - When, Where and How?

Fall and Arrest Training gives you when to wear protective equipment and how to use it properly in the workplace in preventing falls. The fall arrest training certification course will assist all your employees on how to properly hook up their safety harness, when to do so, connection to anchor points, all the physics involved and just as important the responsibilities of the employer, supervisor and worker.

Have you ever asked the questions "Should my employees be wearing fall arrest protection?", "Are there methods and protective systems and training?" If you even considered asking yourself any of these types of questions like the ones above then guaranteed you need Fall and Arrest Safety Training. Besides it is required by law under the OSHA Act & Regulations. One of the other courses that fits well with fall arrest certification is aerial platform / scissor lift training. . In most cases if you own lifting devices such as a scissor lift osha requires that you have fall arrest training before operating this type of equipment.

This is how we help you get certified, and we have also provided a brief course outline below.

  • We ensure all participants have the knowledge required to know when and how to use fall arrest protection.
  • Each participant gets a hands-on opportunity to use a safety harness and know how to adjust it correctly to his/her body type.
  • Of great importance, you the employer meet your obligations under the Occupational Health & Safety Act & Regulations.

Fall Arrest Course Outline:

  • The reasons we are here today
  • Discuss the responsibilities and duties of the employer, supervisor and worker.
  • Specific regulations pertaining to when fall protection is required.
  • The physics of fall arrest.
  • Capacity of fall arrest equipment.
  • Environmental concerns specific to your industry.
  • Review and discuss any falling hazards specific to your industry (situation).
  • Each participant must be able to demonstrate:
  • Harness inspection prior to each use
  • Proper connection to anchor points
  • Donning & fitting a harness
  • Fully understand how to effectively use and make any required adjustments
  • Proper storage of a fall arrest harness
  • Test/Quiz will be given to ensure they have learned the course.

Course Length:

- 1 ½ Hours (One and a half hours)

Which of your employees should attend?

ALL your employees who may or will be exposed to hazardous falls.



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