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Print Reading and Metrology Training


Print Reading & Metrology Workshop

Print Reading And Metrology Objectives:

Print Reading

To teach the functional use of your company’s prints and fixtures so as to enable workers to ensure the manufacture of acceptable parts and reduce scrap.

This course can be customized to reflect the requirements of the customer’s workplace by using their actual parts and prints in the training sessions. Topics may be added or deleted to suit the customer’s specific needs. Most training courses are very general whereas we take the time to learn your business and use your own environment for training. Your employees will be training specific to your workplace using your parts, your employees, your machines, your prints, all to be used immediately after this program. You should see immediate increased productivity and save money


  • Importance of correct measurement and ensuring high-quality parts.
  • Handling and care of measuring devices.
  • Proper completion of first off, in-process and last off forms.
  • Print reading.
  • Tolerances, dimensions, scales.
  • Basic geometry.
  • Understanding the Metric and Imperial systems.
  • Types of measuring devices ((vernier calipers, micrometers, protractors, pin gauges, squares, rules, fixtures, go/no go gauges etc.).
  • Calibration.
  • Use of fixtures and measuring devices.
  • Part features.
  • Indicators of incorrect operation.
  • Weld symbols.
  • Written and practical testing. 

Suggested Participants:

This print reading and metrology training course is intended to provide a basic level of skill for punch and brake press operators, welders, inspectors, die setters, supervisors and others who must check a part to a print for quality purposes.

Length: 2 days

(groups of 10 maximum)




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