Propane cylinder exchange
OSHA Propane Cylinder Exchange Training


OSHA Propane Cylinder Exchange Training

Propane handling

Propane cylinder exchange course, every employer has a legal requirement for an employee who will be handling propane cylinders. As per OSHA regulations we have designed a course where participants will receive legislation information, regulations and most importantly understand and practice the safe use of exchanging propane cylinders.



OSHA Propane Cylinder Exchange Certification Course Outline

  • Participants will be able to identify specific health & safety hazards associated with changing propane tanks on Industrial Forklifts, and propane space heaters.
  • Participants will receive a general understanding of the safe and efficient handling of propane gas tanks.
  • Smell, toxicity and any hazards of Propane
  • Flammability limits
  • Leak testing
  • Boiling Points
  • Proper handling and storage requirements
  • All participants will know the correct propane cylinder exchange procedures
  • To certify participants in the safe handling of propane gas.
  • Personal Protective Equipment requirements
  • Health hazards, first aid and emergency response

Propane Safety Theory Content:

  • Review, explain and discuss the Energy Act, & specifically "B149.2" propane segment.
  • Define physical properties relating to propane, source as a byproduct.
  • Review hazards associated with handling propane.
  • Recognize and understand Propane MSDS sheets
  • "Cutout" views of actual parts of a typical propane tank & review capabilities. Watch video on the proper technique used to change a propane tank (ILT/heater).
  • Complete True & False test to verify learning.

Propane Handling Practical Content:
  • Review physical characteristics of an on-site propane tank.
  • Complete overview of tank condition ( O-ring, collar, dating, soap solution check, etc.)
  • Review cylinder exchange procedures.
  • All participants will change a propane tank on an Industrial Forklift / Lift Truck, or propane heater (site specific) in a competent manner.
  • An evaluation report is completed on each person.

Upon successful completion of the Theory and Practical evaluations each participant will receive a wallet card indicating they have received training and when the training took place. Each person will understand and recognize the characteristics of propane, proper handling & storage of propane cylinders, how to correctly inspect a propane cylinder, removal of propane cylinders and of course emergency response procedures.

Remember with training and having a procedure in place the workplace is ensured safe cylinder exchange for your lift trucks. Recorded training will also ensure you know which employees have the proper training to do so and are qualified to do it.

How Long Does Propane Cylinder Exchange Certification Take?

  • Theory segment requires two hours.
  • Practical evaluation requires 15 minutes per person.
NOTE: The regulations require the company, the handler and the "Certified Safety Training Provider" keep a Record Of Training (ROT). Let us know if you also require the Forklift operator course This course is sometimes combined with the propane cylinder exchange course, if you have propane powered lift trucks.



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