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Aerial Platform / Sissor Lifts

Scissor lift training certification / aerial platform certification is ideal for all operators as it is designed in such a way as to ensure the employer that all their employees have the most current knowledge and practical skills meeting national safety standards. Employees can address hazards, precautions, operating and emergency controls, safety devices and safe operation.


This scissor lift training program is divided into two segments.


  • Part one consists of an in class theoretical course which includes a competency evaluation (true & false test) and review.
  • Part two consists of an on site evaluation which will verify the individuals ability to operate a specific Manlift, in a safe manner.

Part One: "Concepts of Safe and Efficient Operation”

The Purpose Of Scissor Lift Certification

Provide participants a general understanding of the safe and efficient operation of "Power Operated Mobile Work Platforms." Participants will be able to identify specific health and safety hazards associated with operating manlifts / boom lift.

Course Content
Review related sections of the OHS Act

  • Outline fines & penalties for improper use of the equipment.
  • Lifting device & mobile equipment definitions.
  • Complete review of "fall arrest" required, and recommended.
  • Pre-shift equipment inspection and work area survey requirements.
  • Review site specific Hazards, and controls for safe operation of a Manlift.
  • Review safety decals, load capabilities, and specific equipment requirements.
  • Fifteen key elements for safe operation of a "Power Elevated Mobile Aerial Work Platform."
  • Operating unsafe equipment or perform unsafe acts.

How long does aerial lift certification  take?

Theoretical aerial lift training takes approximately two hours. All training is delivered on site and scheduled to your convenience (any shifts)
Manlift Part Two: "Practical Evaluation"

All operators must successfully complete the theoretical portion of this program prior to being evaluated on site-specific equipment.

  • Each individual will be tested to ensure they can safely and efficiently operate your site-specific equipment. Evaluations will be completed during regular working shifts, wherever possible. On successful completion of both parts one & two of this program, the participant will be certified as a "Power Operated Mobile Platform (Manlift) Operator."

Aerial Platform Evaluation Content:
Pre-shift equipment inspection, and work area survey.

  • Uses proper personal protective equipment as required by the OH&S Act
  • Use and proper fitting of fall arrest (harness) device.
  • Aware of the manufacturers specs for specific equipment (load limits, etc.).
  • Uses a signaler or spotter where required.
  • Operates lift only on solid & level ground.
  • Operates lift with all other workers clear of the site.
  • Closes off site when doing major overhead work/projects.
  • Smooth/safe operating speed for various plant conditions.
  • Lift mobilizes only when the unit is in fully lowered position.
  • All tools and associated equipment safely stored on the lift platform.

How long does the training take for aerial platform certification?

Practical evaluations take approximately one-half (.5) hour. All aerial platform training / manlift training, or train the trainer is delivered on site and scheduled to your convenience (any shifts). Other names for this equipment are bucket truck and cherry picker A number of companies training for scissor lift may require fall and arrest training certification.




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