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Transportation Of Dangerous Goods (TODG)

Transportation Of Dangerous Goods Training - (TODG) Handling shipping, receiving hazardous materials training program is to assist an employer to comply with the training requirements of The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act. Our course will instruct participants with respect to the requirements of the legislation for receiving, handling, transporting, or shipping dangerous goods also to prepare participants for emergency situations such as spills or accidents.

The Transportation and Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations apply to the handling, offering for transport and transportation of dangerous goods. “Handling and offering for transport” includes activities as packaging, storing, loading and unloading. “Transportation” means transportation from one place to another, typically a workplace. “Storing” for transport is storage in which goods will not be further handled at the workplace other than to load goods directly onto a transport vehicle for purposes of removal from the workplace.
TODG Content:

  • Legislative requirements
  • Key definitions and sections
  • Safety markers, labels and placards for packages, trucks and large containers
  • Documentation, bills of lading and other required information
  • Classifications for the 9 classes of Dangerous Goods
  • Requirement for hazardous waste and disposal of empty containers
  • Review & discuss some site specific "dangerous goods" materials
  • This program uses a combination of lecture, audio-visual material and interactive workshops to encourage participant’s involvement.

Transportation Of Dangerous Goods (TODG) Will Also Cover The Following:

An overview of the federal regulations that govern the transportation of dangerous goods and hazardous waste.

  • ·Obligations of the Consignor, Carrier and Consignee
  • ·Penalties and fines associated with non-compliance
  • ·Packaging, labeling and placarding requirements
  • ·Shipping documents – errors and omissions
  • ·Proper completion of a shipping document
  • ·The transportation of highly reactive materials and the correct use of Schedules 1, 2 & 3 for shipping information
  • Training requirements for those that work with TDGA
  • Major changes with clear language coming into play

How Long Does It Take?: Four (4) hours

Who Should Attend TODG?

Shippers / Receivers and material handlers, both workers and supervisors, truck drivers and Joint Health And Safety Committee Members.





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